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Benway’s New Knot


Mr. Peter Puccia recently created a new type of knot for his Navigation class. It is a rescue knot that can be used to save people in perilous situations.

This knot is designed to create a loop, which will go around a victim and under their armpits. Once attached, both the rescuer, and the victim, can help pull the victim to safety. If the victim becomes unconscious, the rescuer can turn the knot into a noose to secure the victim, and pull them to safety.

Mr. Puccia envisions this knot being able to help victims who are stuck on a ledge, are in danger in water, are stuck in a cave, and other life threatening situations. The Navigation class has practiced this knot extensively, in case they would ever need to use it in their travels.

Below is an instructional video, demonstrated by a Benway Navigation student, on how to make this knot. The hope of the class is to spread awareness of this knot, so that it may help save lives.

Benway Falcons Fall Short To Fedcap

Despite Shickell putting 11 points on the board and grabbing 22 rebounds, The Benway Falcons lost to Fedcap 50-39.
Benway lost steam early, as they trailed 31-21 by the half after scoring a game-high 14 points during the second quarter.
Shickell led the Falcons's offense, going 5-for-13 (38%) from the field.
Leon sank two three-pointers and scored eight points total. Also helping the effort for the Falcons were Miguel  (8 points, 5 rebounds, 5 steals), John (8 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals), Mark (2 points, 5 rebounds, 1 block), and Julien (2 points, 6 rebounds).
The Benway Falcons finished the game with 50 rebounds (27 offensive / 23 defensive), four blocks and 18 steals.

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ASAH Names Benways Vincent Scalia Educator of the Year

ASAH is a not-for-profit organization of private schools and agencies in New Jersey which provide highly specialized services to more than 11,000 children with disabilities. Founded in 1974, ASAH now serves more than 145 schools and agencies throughout the state.

Each year, ASAH (Association of Schools and Agencies for the Handicapped) members are asked to nominate an educator and a paraprofessional who demonstrate excellence and commitment to their students. We are proud to announce that the winner of this year’s Region 1 ASAH Educator of the Year is Benway’s own, Vincent Scalia, Teacher of Music!!!! Benway and our students could not be happier or luckier to have this amazing teacher as our own.

Benway Falcons Emerge Victorious Against Newmark

The Benway Falcons were victorious against Newmark, 24-19, to open their regular season on Thursday in two 18 minute halves, with a running clock. With the help of Leon, who scored 12 points, the Falcons were able to pull out a tight victory. On a two-pointer from Miguel, Benway  secured their lead in the second half.
Leon had a good showing from the line for the Falcons, making 75% (3-for-4) of his free throws attempted.
Also contributing for the Benway Falcons were Miguel (5 points, 6 rebounds, 6 steals), Mark (4 points, 7 rebounds, 1 block), and Shickell (3 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals).
The Falcons finished the game with 33 rebounds (17 offensive / 16 defensive), one block and 14 steals.

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Benway Students Chat with NASA’s Ice Bridge Crew

Benway students from Mr. Puccia’s Environmental Science classes as well as other interested students participated in a live chat with NASA Airborne Science Program Mission. On Friday, April 24th students gathered around a classroom Smartboard, logged in, and chatted with members of Operation Ice Bridge.

Benway School Hosts Holocaust Survivor

Holocaust survivor Rickie Bernstein visited Benway School on Monday November 30th, to tell her story to the students. Bernstein was asked to come in to Benway School as part of the New Jersey state mandated curriculum on Holocaust education. Bernstein Is a member of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, created by Steven Spielberg in 1994. As a member, she recorded her testimony about her Holocaust experience, which started before she became a teenager.

Local newspaper, Wayne Today, printed a story by Debra Winters about Rickie’s visit to Benway School and her experiences. Read the Article Online Here!


2015 Field Day

Benway's Field Day 2015

The students and staff had a great time during field day 2015. Gmaes, slides, food, cotton candy, a dunk tank and so much more...

Benway's KO to Cancer

KO CancerThis October, Benway is jumping in the ring to help in the fight against breast cancer. During this month-long fundraising bout, Benway’s KO to Cancer, students will put their “gloves on,” during a series of school-wide events. All the money raised will be donated to foundations who conduct breast cancer research.

First, the entire school “Put on their pink,” made donations, and did laps around our campus during our Breast Cancer walk-a-thon. Next, they made donations for a chance to participate in a pass, punt, and kick competition with the opportunity to earn a pizza party for their homeroom. Benway is proud of the money raised and the enthusiasm demonstrated by our students and staff for such a worthy cause. This fundraiser was a real KNOCKOUT!

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