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MetLife Stadium Tour

giants trophy room

On Friday March 31, the Benway School took a tour of MetLife Stadium for our monthly incentive field trip. Students were able to walk around the Giants trophy room, sit in the press box, see luxury suites, and even go on the field! The tour group consisted of a sea of Giants blue and Jets green as students showed their support for their favorite teams, both of which call the 82,500 seat stadium home. Next month, students will be able to take a Circle Line Cruise around New York City!

12 Days of Giving

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10th Day of Giving WEB


In hopes of spreading Holiday spirit, the Benway School is celebrating “12 Days of Giving” in which students and staff members are giving back to the local community. So far, Benway students have volunteered time at the Foundation for the Handicapped and the CUMAC food pantry,  wrote Holiday letters to veterans and children at St. Jude's Hospital, donated money to Susan G. Komen, held a sock drive to donate to those in need during the winter, and went caroling at senior living centers. Staff members also donated gifts that Benway Student Council Members wrapped, after students made purchases with their behavior points at the Benway Boutique. Today will conclude with the 12th Day of Giving as Benway Student Council members will hand out stockings filled with treats throughout the school, and read stories to the elementary classes. All of this in an effort to promote giving back to others and a sense of compassion during the Holidays. The students' generosity did not go unnoticed, as their story made it on, which can be found in the link above. Benway students have mentioned feeling like a family and wanting to help those in need during the 12 Days of Giving, which will look to become an annual event at Benway School!

Benway’s New Knot


Mr. Peter Puccia recently created a new type of knot for his Navigation class. It is a rescue knot that can be used to save people in perilous situations.

This knot is designed to create a loop, which will go around a victim and under their armpits. Once attached, both the rescuer, and the victim, can help pull the victim to safety. If the victim becomes unconscious, the rescuer can turn the knot into a noose to secure the victim, and pull them to safety.

Mr. Puccia envisions this knot being able to help victims who are stuck on a ledge, are in danger in water, are stuck in a cave, and other life threatening situations. The Navigation class has practiced this knot extensively, in case they would ever need to use it in their travels.

Below is an instructional video, demonstrated by a Benway Navigation student, on how to make this knot. The hope of the class is to spread awareness of this knot, so that it may help save lives.

Benway Falcons Emerge Victorious Against Shepard

20161214 085655

#1 scored 28 points to lead Benway Falcons to a 71-25 victory over Shepard on Wednesday.
The Falcons wrapped up the half at 37-11 on the strength of a 24-5 run.
#1 was on the ball for the Benway Falcons, making 63% (10-for-16) of shots attempted and hitting 67% (6-for-9) of free throws attempted.
#8 tapped out at double digits, scoring 23 points for Benway (10-for-16). Also helping the effort for the Falcons were #5 (8 points, 1 rebound), #13 (6 points, 1 rebound), #24 (4 points), and #23 (2 points).
The Falcons, playing in their "Benway Blues" at home, finished the game with 38 rebounds (19 offensive / 19 defensive).

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*Edited by Matthew Bijas

Benway School Hosts Holocaust Survivor

Holocaust survivor Rickie Bernstein visited Benway School on Monday November 30th, to tell her story to the students. Bernstein was asked to come in to Benway School as part of the New Jersey state mandated curriculum on Holocaust education. Bernstein Is a member of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, created by Steven Spielberg in 1994. As a member, she recorded her testimony about her Holocaust experience, which started before she became a teenager.

Local newspaper, Wayne Today, printed a story by Debra Winters about Rickie’s visit to Benway School and her experiences. Read the Article Online Here!



Miss New Jersey Raises Awareness at Benway


In her final public appearance as Miss New Jersey USA 2016, Jessielyn Palumbo joined Susan G. Komen North Jersey to visit the Benway School on Thursday October 6, 2016 to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.

Miss Palumbo and Gina Fernicola, Director of Development for Susan G. Komen North Jersey, gave a presentation to the student body that expressed the need for fundraising for breast cancer, how donated money is used, statistics for people at risk for breast cancer, and how to be screened for the disease.

Benway followed the presentation with a Breast Cancer Walk to kickoff the school’s fundraising campaign “Benway Battles Breast Cancer”. The Benway community donated money, crafted signs, and wore pink in support of the cause as they took their walk around the campus. The Benway School will have another walk on Friday October 21, as well as numerous other fundraising events throughout the month.


miss nj

ASAH Names Benways Vincent Scalia Educator of the Year

ASAH is a not-for-profit organization of private schools and agencies in New Jersey which provide highly specialized services to more than 11,000 children with disabilities. Founded in 1974, ASAH now serves more than 145 schools and agencies throughout the state.

Each year, ASAH (Association of Schools and Agencies for the Handicapped) members are asked to nominate an educator and a paraprofessional who demonstrate excellence and commitment to their students. We are proud to announce that the winner of this year’s Region 1 ASAH Educator of the Year is Benway’s own, Vincent Scalia, Teacher of Music!!!! Benway and our students could not be happier or luckier to have this amazing teacher as our own.

Benway's First Student Film

Benway Movie Poster website

After a marking period of Film Production Class, and a few weeks in our music lab, the student short film, Escape From Benway, is finally ready for release! The students who participated in the class wanted to make a movie that spoofed horror films and so the project began. Their hard work was guided by both our film instructor and music teacher, Matthew Bijas and Vincent Scalia respectively. The students learned about acting, lighting, editing, adding a musical score, and more. Their efforts received a roaring ovation from the student body during a school premiere; which included pop corn, a red carpet walk, film awards, stars, a Benway Walk-of-Fame, and an environment that you can truly find "Only At Benway." So we are proud to present to you, the comedic student film, Escape From Benway! (Please do not forget to check your YouTube settings, as this video is available in 1080P.)

Benway Students Chat with NASA’s Ice Bridge Crew

Benway students from Mr. Puccia’s Environmental Science classes as well as other interested students participated in a live chat with NASA Airborne Science Program Mission. On Friday, April 24th students gathered around a classroom Smartboard, logged in, and chatted with members of Operation Ice Bridge.

Parenting Baby Sim

Baby Sim pic





Benway School is always trying to find new ways to help our students grow and make educated decisions with their lives. This year we added a project to the Health curriculum to strengthen those efforts, a parenting simulation. In this simulation, students were responsible for an interactive doll for 48 hours and logged their experiences. The video below explains the project in greater detail, through the experiences of one of those Benway students. 

Growing Awareness


The Benway School once again made a difference by offering to host an event for the surrounding communities. On April 12 United By Autism sponsored speaker, Gary Weitzen, from POAC Autism Services shared his presentation entitled: Hidden Dangers- Keeping Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities Safe in the Community, School, and Home. The event was open to parents, service providers, and educators to receive valuable training on strategies that could be applied immediately to increase safety and decrease risk at home, in the classroom, and in the community. Participants could not get enough of the presenter as he addressed wandering, internet safety, bullying, school and transport issues, safety curriculum, tracking resources, fire and disaster preparedness, and physical modifications to the home and classroom to protect our families and students. This information was literally lifesaving.

United By Autism is a 501c3 organization that uses the donations they receive to share resources like this with the public to increase autism awareness. For more information on this subject visit and for more information on United By Autism visit

To help make this workshop possible, students from Benway’s Adult Transitions program worked diligently to set up for the event. A member of United By Autism wrote this letter to those Benway students, in recognition of their efforts:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the transitions students at the Benway School for volunteering their time to our organization, United By Autism. They rolled up their sleeves setting up and breaking down tables and chairs so that we could share an important workshop with so many families and educators on April 12 at their school. We could not have had the room look so beautiful without their help. It was a pleasure meeting Ms. Simpson at the event and I heard so many wonderful things about Ms. Alves and Ms. Persson and the work they are doing to prepare their graduates for the “real word”. Thank you to Benway and this team for helping to spread autism awareness and doing such a great job in the process. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Greta LePera
United By Autism"


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