Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards

Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards are points that supporters earn with each purchase made using their Stop & Shop Card. At the end of each month, the points earned are used in a calculation to determine your school’s cash total, which is then automatically credited to your school’s account. Customers can support up to two schools to benefit from their A+ School Rewards that accrue. Please support Benway School by signing up at


Breast Cancer Walkathon

Breast Cancer Walkathon On Oct 9 & 16, students who are willing to participate will donate $1.00 for each walk total of $2.00. The walk will begin at 9:30 and run approx. 30-45 minutes. (6 laps around the school). The money earned will be donated to breast cancer. Also, the homeroom with the most participation after the 2 walks will have a choice of either a pizza party or ice cream party !!!!!!


Catalog Fundraiser

Catalog Fundraiser is with Midland Fund Raising, 50% of the money spent, will be donated to Benway School for the student’s activity fund.
LAST CATOLOG FUNDRAISER WAS A SUCCESS !!! Last year alone we raised approx. $1,200 :)
The money raised this year will be used towards the purchase of BENWAY FLEECES for students !!!!!!
To shop online please feel free to go to or ask a staff member or student for a catalog.


Labels for Education and Box Tops for Education

Labels for Education and Box Tops for Education are an ongoing fundraiser. Please send them in any time throughout the year. Students are asked to collect Labels for Education and bring them to homeroom. The homeroom with the most points will win a PRIZE. Parents & Guardians can help by registering their Shoprite card at Then everytime you shop at ShopRite and use your card on items you have purchased with the Labels for Education Logo we will earn points for our school.


Benway School Past Fundraisers

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